Jackie Luna Project


Jackie Luna is a friend I’ve meet that has a very distinctive style in Fashsion and night life. I asked if she would work with me in putting together a flash sheet based on her influences. Sometimes google can be a horrible source to find new ideas to inspire you. I believe “real” people can help fill this void better than the internet ever can.

This was a fun experience I wouldn’t mind doing again. There was no better feeling than sending concept art back and forth and bouncing ideas that lead to others. Each image holds a bit of life to it. Let’s visit  a few. 


The Raven: ravens are very intelligent and represent wisdom. The two ravens (Hugin and Munin meaning “thought and memory”) in this collection is a inspired from the story of Odin in which they rest on his shoulders. They fly around the world and bring back info to Odin. 

The Latern: Edification. Insight and enlightenment in times of darkness.     

La Luna:  based on Lotería Card  “La Luna”. This card card holds a few meanings. The card is referred to as “The Lantern of Lovers” giving the warning not to let emotion cloud for judgement. 

The Burning Journal: Because of some of the content many people assumed this was a bible, well its not, it is actually a burning journal. For centuries journals were used as a form to keep account of personal periods in your life. The idea of burning the journal is representing a fresh start for the better similar tol legend of the Phoenix. 

As far as the rest of the Artwork I will leave that to your imagination. I would like to hear what some of your translations are!